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Design Center – Virtual Home Remodeler

See how your own home would look with a new roof, stone, and paint! Upload an image of your home and start designing. (Download our pdf tutorial or get tips on taking a good photo of your home.)

Virtual Remodeler

If you can imagine it you can envision it, and if you’ve ever wondered what your home might look like in another color of siding, virtual remodeler is here. Exterior Building Solutions has a tool to let you see how a new skin on your home will look before you invest in a new siding upgrade. For a fun, interactive experience venture into cyberspace and have a look around. Choose from exciting colors and explore the new looks and new possibilities in siding for your home. Upload a photo for comparison, visualize the warmth, beauty and low-maintenance products in real-time. Click on the shingle style guide page link within this sentence and away you go!