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A town seeped in the past with a firm footing in the present. This is Pacific, Missouri. Above is a photo of the Old Downtown Commerce Area, showing buildings dating back to the late 1800s. Many have been completely or nearly restored. New businesses covet the renovated building and make shopping in the area a treasure for locals and visitors year round.

You’ll discover Pacific Palisades Conservation Area just southeast of Pacific. The Meramec River is located east of the city. Fishing in the Meramec River is an adventure all its own, with a diverse population of 125 different fish species. The species within the Meramec River were painstakingly collected over the past 83-years. Sportsmen, women and children will enjoy hooking one or several of the smallmouth bass or rock bass, largemouth bass, brown trout, or rainbow trout.

The photo to your right depicts the Hallmark sandstone bluffs around Pacific, Missouri. This particular one is located off Route 66. Folks near and far come to visit Pacific to check out the many sandstone bluffs and quarries in the area. They also call on roofing contractors near Wildwood Missouri for their roofing service and repair needs.


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