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Roof Questions
  • Leaking Skylight
  • We understand your concern, and Wildwood Roofing & Exteriorswill make it one of our priorities tomake sure you have a new replacement for your old skylight. We’llflash and sealand ensure it is water-tight. Any additional interior trim/paint is the homeowner’s responsibility.
  • I worry about my shrubs and delicate plants. How will you protect them?
  • Rest easy, Wildwood Roofing & Exteriors will use construction-grade tarps to cover around your home to catch nails and roofing debris that may fall from your roof during roof replacement.
  • I’ll panic if my satellite dish gets damaged. What will roofers do with it?
  • Not to panic. Wildwood Roofing & Exteriors removes the dish to properly do your roofing job if it is necessary to do so. Nevertheless, reinstalling and aligning the dish for proper reception is the responsibility of the homeowner. Simply call your service provider for cost involved. If you have a maintenance plan this service may be covered for a modest fee, or at no-cost to you.
  • Ridge Vents
  • As the old saying goes, some folks have them and some folks don’t. The fact is warm air rises to the highest point in your home. This is usually your attic space. If your house has no escape route for the warm air, the result is a buildup of moisture, which directly affects the life of the underside of your roof, or the wood-decking, and ultimately your shingles. Top manufacturers in the industry sponsored studies that demonstrate ridge-vents work to more effectively reduce heat and moisture build-up in your attic.
  • Why Ice and Water Shield Protection?
  • The only thing completely water-tight is a submarine, roofs are another matter. They are never 100% water-tight. It isn’t possible to prevent Ice dams from forming, or prevent windblown rain from penetrating your roof’s outer shell. It is inevitable some damage may occur. The best solution is to apply an affordable Ice and Water Shield after your roof is installed. It is the third line of defense when it comes to winning the battle against nature’s soggy elements.
  • I’ve heard hand nailing is better, but I don’t know why. Can you clarify?
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  • Product Warranties
  • Of course, we 100% back the standard manufacturer’s warranty as stated on the warranty by the company covering the type of shingle you select. Wildwood Roofing & Exteriors. has a solid workmanship warranty that duplicates the length of the manufacturer’s warranty on all products our teams install. Additionally, for a small fee, customers are given the opportunity to purchase an extended workmanship warranty. This is available only from certified contractors specified by product manufacturers.
  • Payment Types
  • Not to worry, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Cash or your good Check. Additionally, financing may also be an option via a 3rd party company who partners with us.
  • Help, my house has storm damage, what do I do first?
  • It’s never an easy time when storm damage happens to you and your family. Taking the correct steps now in searching for a qualified contractor is job#1. Take a spin around our website and follow the easy navigational steps for insurance claim assistance and easy to follow instructions. We’ll work with you to lift the fog and clarify what you need to do.
Roof Replacement Questions
  • I have spotty leaks, why should I replace my whole roof?
  • It isn’t necessary to replace your entire roof if you only have a few bothersome leaks. Your concern is damage to flashings that loosen, or entire sections of your roofing system that may become damaged over time. Few things are more devastating than watching your favorite television program, and suddenly realize a section of your roof fell in your living room floor at half-time. Your goal is to fix the problem before it escalates. Only a professional with roofing experience, and more importantly an objective eye, can give you a full roofing inspection and let you know whether your entire roof needs replaced or only a small section.
  • How long should my roof last?
  • The life of a roof depends on the roofing system itself. This includes the quality of the shingles used, the expertise of the professional roofer who installed it, right down to whether the manufacturer’s recommended installation practices were used at the time of roof replacement. Questionable or shoddy installation may easily reduce the life of your roof by ten years or more Wildwood Roofing & Exteriors maintains a team of highly trained experts who attend certification training from key suppliers to make sure your roof is professionally installed according to manufacturer’s specifications. The life of your roof is as good as the craftsmanship and professionalism used at the time your roof is replaced, or installed for the first time on newly constructed roofs.
  • I’m clueless. The roof looks okay. When should I replace my roof?
  • You can usually go by the recommended life of the roof as deemed by the shingle’s manufacturer. Most, for instance, are usually good for 25-years. Let’s face it; few roofs weather the storm (so to speak) that long. Your best guide is to replace your roof if it is twenty-years old. You can check out your roof by walking around the perimeter of your house with a keen-eye to detail, checking for cracks, missing shingles or cracked edges of shingles. Check to see if the mineral granules are missing. Some people inspect their roof by walking over it for an up close look. This is not a good practice, as your weight can weaken the wooden roof-decking. Instead of calling for a roofer to fix your roof, you may be dialing 911 from your iPhone. You can also venture up into your attic with a flashlight and inspect the underside of your roof, checking the rafters for signs of mildew caused from leakage. When in doubt, simply call a certified, professional roofer to get a free, no obligation estimate. They’ll give you an honest estimate and answer your questions.
  • My neighbor has 4-layers of shingles on her roof, why tear off my old roof?
  • Wow! That’s a lot of weight on her roof; factor in the weight of snow and that sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Thumbs-up on removing the old shingles is this: Any structural defects only amplify when old roofing is left on a roof, factor in flashing concerns, algae growth, fall leaves, small fallen tree branches, and you may have problems. When applying new shingles it is best to apply shingles right onto the wood decking for less weight on the roof, smoother finish, cleaner appearance, which gives you all-in-all added value to your home. Potential home buyers have been known to ask: How many layers of roofing on the roof? Multiple layered roofing materials definitely hurt the resale value of your home.
  • Is it a good idea to replace my roof in the wintertime?
  • You’ll have no problems in the wintertime replacing your roof. Wildwood Roofing & Exteriors hires only the top roofers in the trades, OSHA safety trained, licensed, certified and insured, and they hand nail every shingle to properly install your roof. Shingles seal by way of the sun, and there is no precipitation to worry about. The National Roofing Contractors Association states there are no specific temp guidelines in reference to it being too cold to install asphalt shingles. True, asphalt shingles are known to become breakable in colder temps, especially, with fiberglass shingles. That said; breakage is minimized or completely off the worry-radar when shingles are properly stored in a warm climate where the temperature is controlled prior to loading the material onto transport trucks.
Gutter Questions
  • Roof Granules
  • A normal part of the wear-&-tear on asphalt shingles is normal, as harsh weather beats away at the exterior of the shingles, but normally speaking, you’ll notice the covering of shingles has ceramic granules to reflect water and retract light to protect the underlying material. This same protection extends to your roof. Erosion from water, UV light and heat are common and expected. The sun gives off UV rays that causes your shingles to heat up and dry out, as this process goes on repeatedly, your shingles quite frankly wear out. When this occurs the runoff from rain washes the mineral granules off your roof, through your gutters to the ground. Rest assured this is a normal process factored in by the product manufacturer.
  • Damaged Gutters
  • Wildwood Roofing & Exteriors has heard this question more times than we have, excuse the expression, fingers-and-toes. Our trained professionals will have a look at your existing gutters to survey the damage. As a homeowner, of course, accidents are of great concern. You may need covers for your existing gutters to illuminate the problem, or if any of your gutters were damaged as a result of new roof instillation Wildwood Roofing & Exteriors completed, we will repair the damage or fully replace your gutters as deemed necessary.
Shingle Questions
  • Best Type of Shingles
  • You are not alone; shingles look the same to most folks without a trained eye. Wildwood Roofing & Exteriors makes it our business to stock the best roofing materials on the market.


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