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Mason artistry traces back to ancient times. Masonry was used for the Egyptian Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, and ancient Roman construction. It is a time-tested construction method that is still used by the craftsmen of today. Wildwood Roofing and Exteriors is proud of our team of brickwork repair specialists.

We’ve got you covered with the following masonry services/capabilities:


Why Choose Masonry for your Construction Project Wildwood Roofing and Exteriors durability of masonry construction is unmatched. Of all construction options available to you, masonry is the most durable, longest lasting, and requires the east maintenance when installed properly. WRE employs skilled journeymen with a long history of constructing masonry additions, patios, piers, and a host of other projects.

Our employees take extreme pride in their work, recognizing the beauty and value that a masonry project can add to a home. Our knowledgeable craftsmen have the experience to solve almost any masonry problem.

Why Tuck Pointing Masonry Is Important St. Louis weather extremes are well-known. Sometimes we’re like Northern Minnesota with sub-zero temperatures and other times we’re like Southern Florida with sweltering heat and humidity. This variation can wreak havoc on your home, including masonry. Without proper maintenance, the temperature fluctuations can cause cracking and deterioration of your home’s masonry. With proper upkeep, the durability of masonry construction is unmatched.

Top brick courses on parapets and chimneys often require brick tuck pointing repair because there is little weight above them to keep them stable. In addition, chimneys are exposed to more rain, wind, snow and ice. This weathering can cause damage to mortar. When hard winds blow, bricks may become dislodged and cause damage to your roof. Suddenly your minor brick tuck pointing job escalates into a major roof repair.

Don’t let the extremes of hot and cold depreciate your property’s value. Wildwood Roofing and Exteriors performs brick tuck pointing in St. Louis buildings, including but not limited to exposed parapets and chimneys.

Identifying Whether Brickwork Repair is Necessary When was the last time you took a good hard look around your property to spot the need for tuck pointing services? Now is the time to stop erosion and further damage. We understand most parapets and chimneys are relatively inaccessible. It is dangerous to climb a ladder for a closer look. As a result, the deterioration is seldom spotted in time to prevent a real hazard from occurring. In most cases, clients only call us after a brick has come crashing down.

Wildwood Roofing and Exteriors recommends annual inspections of masonry in St. Louis chimneys and exposed parapets, as part of regular roof surveys and maintenance calls. A roof is an expensive asset that property owners regularly neglect, that is until it starts raining and they discover it has developed a leak.

Inquiries for Tuck Pointing Services Wildwood Roofing and Exteriors has extensive experience in brick tuck pointing in St. Louis. We employ skilled craftsmen who are experts in the art of concealing visible repairs. For a free, no obligation inspection and quote, please give us a call at 636-400-7000 or 314-300-9000 if you have concerns regarding the state of your tuck pointing.


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