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Storm Damage Roof Repair

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Your roof works 24/7 365-days a year with no time off for good behavior. It protects your family, guests, and undergoes harsh St. Louis weather conditions like thunderstorms, oppressive heat, freezing, heavy rain and snowstorms. You work hard and you want your roof to work hard too.

Trust Wildwood Roofing & Exteriors to work as hard as you do to maintain your roof, while providing storm damage repair when you need it most. We offer only superior roofing materials, and we employ roofing specialist to make sure you and your family are protected year round. Let’s face it the best roofs may incur damage from wind, rain, snow, sun and inclement weather conditions. Storm damaged roofs need your immediate attention before further damage to your home. We are specialists in wind, storm and hail damage repair. Our team spans out across the city when any disaster strikes. Whether you require wind storm damage repair for your home, your condo, your apartment or your business premises we’ve got you covered. Our quick attention to detail, sound work practices, while keeping your wishes in mind is job #1 with us.


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