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Roof Replacement

With the temperamental weather in St. Louis, maintaining the integrity of your roof is essential to protecting your home or commercial property from the effects of damage incurred over time or caused by wind, rain or hail. At Wildwood Roofing & Exteriors, we specialize in providing the highest quality roofing products with superior installation service for your roof replacement.

Our Process

We will assist you through the entire roof replacement process, ensuring your complete satisfaction from initial analysis to completed installation.

    1. 1. Free Estimate – The first step in a roof replacement is the initial analysis of your roof. Wildwood Roofing & Exteriors will coordinate a free, no obligation estimate by one of our licensed estimators in order to review your roof and give you an approximation as to the cost associated with replacing your residential or commercial roof.
    1. 2. Design Consultation – Upon completion of the estimate of your residential or commercial property, our professional roofing contractors will guide your through the available roofing material options and create a design plan for what the final look and function of your newly replaced roof will be.
    1. 3. Financing – Wildwood Roofing will help you establish the appropriate roof replacement option to fit within your budget and connect you with a St. Louis financial provider if need be.
    1. 4. Installation – Our professional roofers will remove and install the chosen roofing material, ensuring proper installation procedures and final design concept is administered properly.
    1. 5. Time Frame – A standard roof replacement in St. Louis can take around 2 weeks, depending on the scope and magnitude of the home or commercial building.
Our professional roofing contractors will work through our process to ensure a seamless roof replacement on your residential or commercial property. As the leading roofing company in St. Louis, Wildwood Roofing & Exteriors offers residential and commercial roofing repairs to fit your needs. Contact us today at 636-400-7000 or 314-300-9000.


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