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Cut your winter heating bills 20-30% or more, and reduce your air-conditioning and summer cooling electric bill down by having professional installation of thermal windows in your home. Thermal windows come in double or triple panes. Thermal replacement windows offer you all the advantages you expect when it comes to stopping unnecessary heat from escaping your home. You’ll see results after installing your thermal windows the first month and every month thereafter. Best yet, you may never endure chipped, peeling old paint, nor the need to paint your windows ever again. Awe –life is good.

Enjoy your quality replacement thermal windows while enjoying stimulus tax credit and rebates up to fifteen-hundred-dollars ($1,500).


Thermal Replacement Windows

Thermal windows set the bar high when it comes to affordable solutions to cutting your heating and cooling bills, whether you heat with electric or gas. You’ll notice the difference in the warmth you feel in fall and winter, and you’ll savor the cool, freshness you feel in spring and summer. Thermal replacement and installation of windows give you 2-4 times more efficiency than you now experience with your older single-pane windows. Stop wasting money when you can save it instead. Stop watching your hard, earned money draft out your old windows. You new thermal replacement windows will put money back into your pocket. Now when is the last time that’s ever happened to you?

Some homeowners may be confused by words like Low-E glass or U Factor Rating, and other terminology designed to give you insight into thermal windows. Let us answer your questions and address your concerns, and show you the savings potential you’ll realize when you stop heat-loss and stop your AC from running continuously in the hot summer months. Know U Factor Rating is between a .2 and a 1.3. These numbers represent heat-loss occurring in the winter from older, single-pane windows. Make a comparison:

Thermal Window Replacement in Missouri

The St. Louis and surrounding areas in Missouri get nippy in the fall and winter months, and some winter months are worse than others. One thing is certain; you need the windows in your home to perform when it comes to saving you money. If you have windows facing south, your home is able to take advantage of solar-heat gained when rays of sunlight penetrate your windows and the heat-rays enters your home. The double-pane in a thermal replacement window holds this “free” heat longer, allowing you to reap the benefits.

You’ll also like the condensation resistance of thermal windows, as they resist the formation of moisture between the panes. The ventilation and insulation properties of a thermal replacement window concentrates its strength toward energy-efficiency, ensuring you condensation is reduced. If you’ve seen your heating and cooling bills go up, while your dollars per hour stayed the same, isn’t it time you gave Wildwood Roofing and Exteriors a call at: 314-400-7000


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