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Composition Shingles, also known as asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in America. The fiberglass substrate is first impregnated with asphalt. Then this is covered with mineral granules, adding the amazing characteristic texture and appealing color.
There are two main varieties of composition shingles:
1. Three Tab asphalt shingles comply with the basic design described above. These are popular because they are economical and guaranteed as follows: Three tab shingles are available in a variety of colors that are readily available. The downside is a shorter life expectancy, and a limited capacity to conceal defects in the roof frame. 2. Architectural / Laminated shingles have an extra layer laminated onto the top surface. This makes them thicker and they last longer. The texture of the granules is also more pronounced, adding a three-dimensional effect. Most manufacturers guarantee these shingles as follows: Architectural / Laminated shingles add longer life and enhanced aesthetics to your home or commercial establishment. Moreover, they do not display repeating patterns, making them the preferred option for concealing underlying roof defects.


Specialty Shingles
Several manufacturers produce hail and impact-resistant shingles based on a similar laminated style. These have the capacity to resist impact from average hailstones and accommodate winds up to 130 mph. Many insurance companies discount their premiums where these are present. However, the shingles must first meet rigorous class four standards as laid down by the: It may be possible to offset higher hail and impact-resistant shingle costs against insurance premiums. Although most of them carry a limited lifetime guarantee, they look no different from standard composition shingles. Green Composition Shingles Green composition shingles reflect sunlight and keep roof space cooler, thereby keeping energy consumption and costs down. Like hail and impact-resistant shingles, they benefit from limited lifetime guarantees while appearing similar to standard composition shingles. To qualify for government tax credits, green composition shingles must:


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